By the filmmakers:

"Pete Murphy has a lot to look forward to!
He's just retired from a commercial airline,
he's the envy of any man half his age,
and he's headed to a tropical paradise
with a buxom beauty who doesn't ask too many questions.
Unfortunately, he doesn't make it past the airport parking lot
before he has to take a detour."


Visual FX company:

2004 Clio Award winner: spot for NASCAR
2005 VES Award Winning Music Video: Britney Spears' "Toxic"


Past Visual FX feature from KromA (released 2006)

"Spiritual Warriors is the story of a misguide actor, FINN (Jsu Garcia),
who meets a mysterious elderly man, ROGER (Robert Easton),
claiming to know him from the past.
Roger convinces an extremely skeptical and reluctant Finn
to become his student and prepares him to fight
the evil power of darkness that threatens the world."